What we would like to do.
Taking as our starting point, the intolerable conditions confronting the detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, we will travel through selected locations in the United States recording interviews and holding public discussions on the subject.  The work would be something between:

I. A research project exploring a range of perspectives on the notions of camp & specifically Guantanamo Bay.
II. An awareness campaign bringing that research and our questions to the public
The form.
The form is a drive in a van (which will also be a mobile studio/billboard/library) through various communities and cities starting in New York and concluding in the West Coast. Stops will include Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Houston, Denver, Yellostone National Park, Seattle, Vancouver, Tule Lake, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many stops along the way.

We will be traveling and organizing various events: public actions, small protests, lectures, panels, interviews, discussions, talks and screenings in relation to the issues. 

We will in the mean time be archiving through video and audio recordings many of these activities. The aim is to connect with various individuals, groups, and communities along our journey. The public could vary from passersby, activists, writers, artists, museum goers, campers and more; for each situation invites its own public, and we are interested in interacting and exchanging ideas in a variety of contexts. 

Get involved.
please suggest
1. places or people you recommend we visit on this tour: reservations, camps, poets, survivors, individuals, groups or organizations who are stuggling for related causes.
2. venues such as community centers, book stores, infoshops, museums, universities, or even public spaces that would be interesting for organizing an event.
3. any literature, readings and links relating to issues we are engaging with in this campaign.
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