Guantánamo Limbo
Judith Butler

We Prisoners of the Infinite
Jacques Ranciere

The A Brief History of the State of Exception
Giorgio Agamben

A State of Emergency
Giorgio Agamben

Interview with Giorgio Agamben
Ulrich Raulff

Sovereign Police (pdf from Means Without End)

Giorgio Agamben

The State of Emergency as the Empire’s Mode of Governance

Jean-Claude Paye


Desert Front - EU refugee camps in North Africa
Dietrich Helmut

The Other Campaign

Subcomandante Marcos

Notes on Camp
Susan Sontag

Guantanamo Bay Timeline
from NPR

Collected articles related to Guantanamo Bay

Collected articles related to Guantanamo Bay
from 16Beaver

(we will continue to update this site as we find appropriate research materials)


WBAI radio interview
Interview about the campaign on WBAI

WKCR radio show
Introductory program attempting to use radio as a means to explore some of the issues related to the campaign. With Reverand Billy & Jeff Fogel (former legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights)

Common Ground in New Orleans
Interview with Michelle Shin of Common Ground in the Lower 9th Ward. For those interested in what is taking place in New Orleans and how individuals have collectively sought to make up for the shortcomings of the state, this should be an interesting and informative discussion.

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